What is Fear Front Publishing?


We are a family of writers dedicated to the cause of bringing the best material to horror fans who enjoy the story on the page.

We do that by assembling a staff that is knowledgeable in their work and have a passion for the genre. Combined with a team of authors that have tales that are involving, fast paced, and will grab you like a popcorn blockbuster or great independent as you sit and watch with chills down your spine.


We have many who also moonlight in the major horror industry, including myself, as well as writers who have signed on with their own films, production deals, popular news websites, and incredible successes in horror. We are truly part of the fold of fear, and because of that daily interaction in our other work, we know what the fans desire.  


In this day and age, enjoyment is found on so many levels, even in the imagination of horror, and we strive to bring happiness through the joyful screams and excitement of our readership.


Fear Front also prides itself in showing love and respect to our artists, through attention, promotion, care, and comfortable financial gains that show them that they are not mindless slaves or starving artists. They are in fact the strong spine of this many headed beast we call our company.


Through mass promotion and constant care and attention to our writers, we ensure that they  believe in themselves and their works, just as much as we do. The result is success, drive, and a undying devotion to each other as a family.


So, let that flag fly high. If you are a horror fan for many years, interested in stepping into the fictional world of the wicked and wonderful, we welcome you all.


Welcome to the small band of fighters who bring darkness while spreading light to artists and fans known as Fear Front Publishing.


Join our revolution!


Robert DiLauro








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